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You can listen to the songs on the web site as much as you want, free of charge, but if you would like to download 320kbit, CD-quality MP3s of the songs, I need a favor from you first.

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24 Lead
Beautiful Weather
Black Velvet
Cloudy Day
Crashing Waves
Cry Wolf
Cyber Jungle
Dark Shades of Punjabi
Field of Flowers
Gimme More
Happy Horns
I Am Zim!
I Breath Again
I Hope You Dance
I Think I Can
Midnight Ride
Mixed Beat
Sepia Dreams
Serenity (2)
Serenity (Original)
Sounds of Paris
Wait On Me
White Flag

* All Third Impression vocals are by Damon (Khalid) Clark.
All materials are Copyright © 2009 by Jonathan Leger.
Commercial use of these songs is strictly forbidden without prior approval. For commercial use, please contact me.
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