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FL Studio

How I Make the Music

FL Studio

My primary tool for creating electronic music is FL Studio. FL Studio has it all: a mixer, a sequencer, loads of special effects and filters. Truly fantastic. I strongly suggest you purchase a copy! It takes a while to get used to using it, but it really makes music-making a digital breeze.

MAGIX Music Editor 2.0

When I need to modify, cut and paste the sounds I use in my songs, I use MAGIX. It was cheap -- I think I got it at Best Buy for like $30 or something. It's very handy for the wave-editing that FL Studio can't do. I looked at their site (, but I couldn't find it. Maybe they don't sell it anymore?

Bink Video's RAD Video Tools

I've started making songs based on movies and TV shows that I like, and sometimes it's useful to extract sounds from the movie trailers and movie clips that are available online. To accomplish this I use the RAD Video Tools from Bink Video. They're donationware, so be sure to give them a few bucks if you find their stuff useful (I did).

Loops and Samples

I've purchased thousands of loops, samples and instruments for use in FL Studio. Two of the places I've gotten the sounds from are and Both have a large selection at reasonable prices.


I use an audio-technica studio microphone for vocals (AT3035), and an Edirol UA-25 USB Audio Capture device to record from the microphone. I love the Edirol because it's very small (perfect for my desk) and supports two studio microphones and has a digital output for headphones.

If you're interested in creating your own music, I want to tell you this: it's a lot easier (and cheaper) than you might think. You don't need a studio (even for vocals). I record vocals in my office at home. All of the software and equipment costs came to around $1,250 (including the loops). The equipment all fits on my desk, and the software runs on my home PC. FL Studio needs a good bit of memory, so I suggest you don't have less than 1GB of RAM (that's how much I have and it works fine).

* All Third Impression vocals are by Damon (Khalid) Clark.
All materials are Copyright © 2009 by Jonathan Leger.
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