Uncategorized November 8, 2022


she waits for him at the café
table decorated with flowers and sunlight
her red dress revealing
just enough to keep imagination alive
straps dig into her shoulders
but she resists the urge to fiddle
in case he should choose that moment to arrive
unsweetened tea in the white china cup cools
its earthy bitterness familiar
she’s never had it any other way
the clock on the wall takes her gaze
her body shifting anxiously each time
the server comes by to check up
the woman knows this script
the lines are all memorized
it’s a scene she has starred in many times
one last sip and her cup is empty
it clinks loudly as she sets it down
a bit too hard upon the table
she makes an excuse as she pays the bill
the server smiling and speaking reassuringly
as the change is made
but the woman in red has been here before
and this is not the first time
the man failed her

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