Uncategorized September 26, 2023


lemon drop dreams
and golden brick roads
somewhere beyond
where the rainbow unfolds
when the storm surges end
and the skies clear of swirls
i hope to see arches
of color unfurl
where we walk with the munchkins
and dance with our friends
be they made up of straw
be they furry or tin
when the cowards grow strong
and the witches are crushed
or they melt in the waters
of hearts full of love
there in the world
over the ‘bow
i will meet you my friend
i will stand in the glow
of the radiant peace
that we all long to feel
when the wizard proves true
and our dreams become real
so let’s all click our slippers
let’s wish for our home
and maybe, just maybe,
that’s where we’ll all go

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