Uncategorized December 13, 2023


in scarlet hues she donned her soul
vivacious sprite, unbound and whole
her laughter danced with freedom’s light
in cloistered times, a vivid sight

a smolder of her earthbound flame
beneath the gaze of scorn and shame
a sensual soul, society’s bane
a fervent fire they could not tame

within her eyes, an untamed mare
roamed wild meadows free and fair
but whispered rumors spun their thread
a tapestry of lies wide-spread

the subtle lilt of unchaste sway
a pure heart’s truth, in bright display
yet tongues would wag and fingers point
to chain her spirit at its joint

her unbowed head, her fearless mien
like luscious fruit through branches seen
too ripe for those whose shrunken taste
prefer their orchard sparse and chaste

within each pulse, a hidden fight
her essence cloaked in vermilion light
through veiled motifs her tale is spun
a life eclipsed before it’s done

the price she paid for passion’s role
a pyre sparked for her dauntless soul
in scarlet embers, story told
her ashes left, her spirit bold

for beauty captured in scarlet’s frame
bore a weight of undue blame
in death, she wore a crown of flame
defiant spirit free of shame

so lies scarlet, vibrance shed
unsurrendered in triumph’s stead
aloft she soars, her fetters shed
eternal freedom now she treads

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