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the serpent and the wolf

a man walked down a forest path
beneath a crescent moon
he moved with hasty, hurried steps
in the cold of winter’s ruin
he crossed a dried up riverbed
and happened on a glade
beneath an overhanging bush
a wolf sat in the shade
about his side a serpent coiled
its red eyes fire and blood
in fear, the man desired to flee
but frozen still he stood

“at last he’s here” the wolf now said
as it looked across the glade
its blue eyes flashing brightly
in the moonlit bush’s shade
“you.. you speak!” the man emote
awe piercing through his heart
“of course we do, as well as you”
came the serpent’s sharp retort

the man dropped down and praised the gods
for their presence in his sight
“get up you fool” the serpent hissed
“there are no gods here tonight
but tell us why you make such haste
through this forest in the dark
instead of taking rest and warmth
at home upon the hearth”

“i’m on the run” replied the man
“from the village of my youth
for i dared to seek for knowledge
and enlightenment in truth
they chained me but i found the key
and fled for forest cover
i left behind my writings
so i may enlighten others
in doing so i shone a light
upon their folly ways
and now i fear they’ve chased me here
to silence and doomsay”

the wolf stared at the traveler’s face
with its signs of age and wear
“no harm will come upon you now
you are safe with us right here
so take your ease beneath the moon
within this peaceful place
let your heart regain its valor
and the lines melt from your face”

the man glanced o’er his shoulder
and back upon the two
the serpent wise, the wolf so strong
yet could the words be true?
“by now they must be on my heels
they are many and well armed
if i stay within this open glade
i will surely come to harm”

“approach us now” the wolf said proud
voice booking no denial
“we will stand with you against them
and you will best this fear and trial”
the wolf and serpent parted
making space for him to join
the man walked in between them
hardly sure what he was doing

the clouds above cast shadows
in the moonlight on the path
each movement sparking panic
from the feared pursuers’ wrath
“light your torch” the serpent ordered
“it will calm unfounded fear
if your enemies approach us
we will see them ‘fore they near”

the man did as instructed
and the glade engulfed in light
the shadows disappearing
from the path and from the night
in the brightness of the moment
he could see a distance great
no villagers approaching
no weapons slicked with hate

as time crept towards the future
the wolf stood proud and firm
the serpent ever watchful
the man with courage burned
still no villagers pursued him
the night was soft with ease
the only noise the crackling
of the torch upon the breeze

the serpent broke the silence
as he turned unto their guest
“do you yet perceive the truth
that has robbed your mind of rest?
your peril once was certain
your struggle real and true
but now it’s apparitious
there are none that still pursue

“until you had the courage
given to you by the wolf
and the wisdom of my vision
and the light cast by the torch
your chains remained upon you
even though you found the key
for you were safe completely
and yet still you chose to flee”

at that the man fell to his knees
in gratitude and shame
the tears upon his hollow cheeks
illumined by the flame
“you were right to call me ‘fool’
for i ran from ghosts unreal
when i should have taken solace
and allowed my soul to heal
how e’er will i remember
the vital lesson of this night
so i nevermore fall prey
to the fallacy of fright?”

the wolf stepped now before him
and the man looked in its eyes
their crystal blue compassion
soothed his soul and calmed his cries
“there is no call for shame”
said the wolf in softened tones
“this night revealed your mettle
at the time you need it most

“many are the people
that never find their ease
whose fear is never quenched
and whose fleeing doesn’t cease
there are many also
whose village keeps them still
trapped within the borders
of its fallacy and will
yet here you stand in freedom
chains broken now at last
and we are with you always
you will not repeat the past”

upon those words the wolf and serpent
as well as key and chain
along with moon and fiery torch
all vanished from the glade
and appeared upon the man’s right arm
forever to abide
a reminder that the things we fear
we create ourselves, inside

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